“Thank you for all your help, encouraging me to eat healthy, run again, and start living a healthy life!   I've lost 11 inches on my torso! You have a real healing touch that I have only seen once before. Your patients will be in great hands.”  

-- Brent C.

"I tried to get pregnant for over a year, and had lost hope that I could conceive naturally.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Skye for her open heart and dedication to my care.  I’m now the mother of a 6 month old girl.”

-- Chloe S.

"I had severe sciatic pain for over 6 months. After one treatment with Skye, the pain virtually disappeared!" 

-- William T. 

"I took my 5 year old daughter for an Ayurvedic consultation with Skye to treat her ongoing digestive issues.  I had tried several other doctors with no success.  After a few weeks of treatments and proper guidance on nutrition, my daughter is thriving, thanks to Skye."

-- Beth M. 

“I decided to seek acupuncture upon recommendation of family & friends who were patients of Skye.  I was   skeptical about alternative medicine and acupuncture.  When I met Skye, she provided a calm and relaxing environment and gave me insight as to what I needed to do to take care of my health.  After a few weeks of treatment, I saw an improvement in my health, both physically and emotionally. Skye takes a genuine interest and concern for her patients, and I would recommend Skye to anyone looking for exceptional treatment.”

-- James V.

“Skye is compassionate, extremely knowledgable and committed to the wellbeing of her patients.  She has a unique ability of connecting with her patients, which is paramount in the doctor –patient relationship.”

-- Dr. Valerie

 “After my first experience with acupuncture, I can honestly say I feel a significant reduction in pain.  Before treatment, my arthritis pain was a 7 out of 10, now it’s a 2.”

 -- Mary J.

“Thank you for your insight and expertise in regulating my cycle, and getting my hormones back on track!  I value you more than I can express.”

-- Dr. Isabelle

“As a nurse, I never thought Acupuncture would produce effective and lasting results. I was under Skye’s care for one year while she was an intern at PCOM, and was amazed at the deep level of emotional healing I experienced...a real journey to wellness.  Skye is a wonderful practitioner!”

-- Melanie S.

“Skye- Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful treatment I received from you! You helped me tremendously when I was suffering with a severe gastrointestinal disorder.  Acupuncture has always provided relief to get my health back on track.  However, your knowledge and accuracy at pinpointing the deficiencies was remarkable.  More importantly, being the recipient of your personal touch and concern is what helped me to regain my health again.  I am so grateful for your loving care!”

-- Rose H.