Ayurveda provides a safe, effective, and personalized approach to cleansing.  At the change of seasons, typically in fall and/or spring, it is a favorable time to cleanse the body of accumulated doshas.  This supports the body’s immune system before cold and allergy seasons, and improves the overall function of the digestive system. 

Busy schedules and stressful lives often perpetuate unhealthy food choices, and leave you feeling sluggish and/or bloated.  Aurvedic cleansing provides a gentle approach to get you back on track, and reestablish healthy routines. 

Our Ayurvedic cleansing programs are tailored to meet your individual needs, and designed to support you step by step.  The entire cleanse can be done at home, with little interruption to your normal routine.   The time frame from start to finish is typically 10-12 days, and follows this sequence: 

Preparation: 2-3 days
Cleansing:  4-7 days
Reintegration: 2-3 days

The Ayurvedic method of cleansing involves eating 3 meals per day, including whole foods with delicious spices and herbal teas.  You will be provided with simple guidelines to follow, and tips on how to make the most of your cleanse. 

Please contact for a 15- minute complimentary phone consultation.  We would be happy  to discuss your cleansing program and answer any additional questions you may have.   

Our guided SEASONAL CLEANSE is available ONLINE as well as in person.